VCE Exams & Workshops

For VCE students in their final year of study this year has been like no other. Despite the disruptions of 2020, we have found innovative ways to ensure our VCE students continue to receive highly personalised online learning and support from their elite tutors.

This year, we worked with our local printer to create a seamless online process for the ordering and delivery of our VCE Practice Exam Booklets. We were able to achieve a direct printer to door service during the total lockdown period. We intend to offer this online service again in 2021.

We are exceptionally proud of the way in which we have been able to provide virtually everything we would normally offer our VCE students during a regular academic year.

Last week, our virtual VCE English, Literature and English Language Practice Exams were a great success. The invigilated exams were marked by external examiners and their targeted feedback on areas for improvement and strengthening of exam techniques has been invaluable for our students

This weekend our VCE Maths Methods & English Workshops will be held.
Students will be fine tuning their personal exam strategies for the upcoming exams.

There are limited spaces available.
You can book via the Avivo Hub

By Adriana, Elite Tutor & Blog Team Leader