Exam Practice is Valuable

As the exam period approaches, many students are searching for the best way to prepare themselves. A highly effective but frequently overlooked method of study is completing practice exams.

Over 100 years of psychological research has demonstrated that practice exams actually improve memory and learning. Completing regular practice questions has also been shown to reduce the effects of test anxiety and increase confidence, helping students to avoid becoming overwhelmed during their final exams. Despite this evidence, students often prioritise less effective methods of study, such as highlighting information and note-taking.

When undertaking practice exams, students should ensure that they correct their answers,  as this allows them to identify gaps in their knowledge. They should also prioritise completing exams which simulate the final exam, as this helps students to understand the exam’s structure and time limit.

Personally, I found completing practice questions in Year 12 to be a highly beneficial method of study and I still utilise this technique whilst studying at university.

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By Ella, Elite Tutor and Blog Team Member