Gaining an Edge for School in 2021

As the 2020 school year draws to an end, we encourage parents and students to look towards the 2021 school year. For students in years 9, 10 and 11 moving into years 10, 11 and 12, now is the perfect time to put in place an action plan for the upcoming year.

Managing these senior years at school can be stressful. At Avivo we provide students with the right tools and resources to feel confident in their academic pursuits. Our collection of signature courses, which cover academic and co-curriculum content, can help students and parents get into the mindset and create expectations for the year to come. These courses have been developed by our elite tutors who have been through and understand the pressures of the senior years at school.

Creating a roadmap for VCE or IB has been made a lot easier to navigate with our carefully curated online courses. The courses provide both students and parents with up to date strategies, key tips, tools, and guidance for mastering a year level or subject area.

If you are wanting to gain an extra edge in your academic studies then check out our 
AirTutor Online Courses.

By Adriana, Avivo Elite Tutor & Blog Team Leader